Why invest in a vacation village?

Everybody dreams of a little corner of paradise in the sun or in the middle of nature

Investing in vacation villages

Discover all the reasons to make a rental investment in a holiday village. Acquisition of an asset, additional income, easy management, possibility of stays: all the elements are combined to guarantee you a safe and profitable investment.



Investing in is the assurance of an attractive return on your savings, to benefit from additional income for your retirement and to make tax savings.

Receive regular rents

Buying a new apartment to rent it out allows you to receive additional income, while limiting additional taxation.

You receive a regular rent

– Paid by a single tenant

– Net of current co-ownership and maintenance expenses, excluding property tax

– Indexed annually to IRL (Rent Benchmark Index) (4)

You can therefore enjoy your real estate investment in complete security, without management worries.


Making a rental investment in holiday villages is the assurance of building up a quality real estate portfolio.

Two formulas of investment:

– The “Patrimoine” formula, thanks to which you build up a quality real estate portfolio with a strong guaranteed profitability combining security and performance. This formula also allows you to benefit from numerous owner advantages.

– The “Patrimoine & Vacances” formula, with this formula you have the opportunity to combine investment and pleasure. Indeed, not only do you invest in a quality real estate portfolio with guaranteed profitability, but you also benefit from stays in your property or in another residence.

You benefit from many advantages, thanks to an investment that combines security and performance. It allows you to enjoy stays in your property.

A real estate investment with high added value

Real estate investment programs always benefit from a prime location, in areas renowned for their high environmental and tourist value: in the city, by the sea, in the mountains and in the countryside. A real estate investment in a holiday village will therefore allow you to build up a sustainable heritage.

Quality real estate

Over the years, the holiday villages have surrounded themselves with the biggest names in architecture to design new villages and residences that mark their era. Decorators are inspired by local and regional craftsmanship to compose the most beautiful interiors. The sites are also enhanced thanks to the skill of the landscape designers who arrange the outside environment, leaving room for nature and quality.

Investing to prepare for retirement

Preparing for retirement is a serious matter that concerns everyone. With demographic changes and the uncertainties they bring to bear on mandatory schemes, more and more employees and non-employees are planning to supplement their retirement.

Real estate investment represents a sustainable and secure solution to prepare your future. In addition to acquiring a property in a tourist residence in the heart of a renowned tourist destination, you benefit from significant financial and tax advantages.


– The rents are guaranteed: you receive a rent whether your apartment is occupied or not.

– Your property is maintained: the local teams provide routine maintenance and cleaning.

– Insurance, charges and taxes are borne by the Group: you only pay the property tax and the taxes linked to your income.


Short or long stays, as a couple, with family or friends; business or leisure stays; need to recharge your batteries, sports, entertainment, discovery, conviviality, prestige, comfort: all desires can be met by opting for a holiday village. The residences add to the advantages of full ownership of leisure facilities and quality services: swimming pools, golf courses, restaurants, children’s clubs, sports grounds…

As an owner, you benefit from many advantages:

– A dedicated and personalized website is available to owners.

– An exchange grant for your stays: you can benefit from short or long stays. Every year, exchange grids are elaborated so that you can stay in other tourist residences than yours. You can access the offer on the site to book the stay that suits you.

– Permanent advantages in the residences: personalized welcome, preferential conditions on the sports and leisure activities offered…

– Preferential rates on stays (excluding exchange rates).