How to optimize your vacation budget without depriving yourself?

Is your vacation budget ready?

8 tips to optimize your vacation budget

If we all need a vacation from time to time, the question of budget is paramount when planning this long-awaited break. Here are our 8 tips to optimize your vacation budget and offer you a relaxing break that will meet your expectations.

Tip 1: Choose the right location

The first trick to optimizing your budget is to find a practical and economical rental. With its room service and attentive staff, the hotel has many arguments in its favor. However, it is much more expensive than renting a furnished apartment or a camping trip. So, yes, you will have to do the cleaning and cooking, but you will also save a lot of money.

Tip 2: Choose your means of transportation carefully

Train, plane, bus or car? Transportation is an important expense during the vacations, so it is best to study the different possibilities available to you. Also remember to include in your considerations your travels once you arrive at your destination. Will it be more economical to travel by public transportation or to rent a car? Is it better to take your car for the entire trip or just rent one once you arrive at your destination? Make simulations, compare and find the best solution to optimize your vacation budget.

Tip 3: Drive smart

If you choose to go on vacation by car, you can reduce the bill by taking the alternative routes and thus save the price of tolls, which can be as much as €80 for a Paris-Nice or €85 for a Lille-Biarritz. By taking the secondary roads, your travel time will be a little longer and your gas bill will also be a little higher, but you will stay well away from these amounts. If, despite everything, you prefer the highway, think about leaving it to fill up your tank or eat. If you can, plan a picnic to make the most of your vacation budget in the first few hours of your stay.


Tip 4: Cooking

Once installed in your rental, get cooking! Shopping and eating at home will save you a lot of money. When you go out for lunch or dinner, leave the beaten track to find restaurants with lower prices. Street-front establishments are often prohibitively expensive. Abroad, sit at tables frequented by locals to take advantage of more reasonable prices and offer you a true immersion stay by discovering the local gastronomy.

Tip 5: Limit your extras

An ice cream here, an aperitif on the terrace there and a restaurant on the spot: all these little sums can quickly blow up a vacation budget. To control your expenses, set an amount for your envelope reserved for extras and stick to it!

Tip 6: Plan your visits

To optimize your vacation budget, it is sometimes enough to prepare your program well. This will allow you to find out when museums are free or to take advantage of the advantageous offers of combined tickets that will open the doors of several cultural establishments at a lower cost.

Tip 7: Rent Your Home

Rather than leaving your home empty during your vacation, rent it! In the city or in the country, rentals between individuals are popular and are a good way to amortize the cost of your vacation without having to deprive yourself. Before you start, make sure you check with your insurance company to make sure that you will be well covered in case of damage.

Tip 8: Don’t leave empty-handed!

Shopping in a seaside resort or in the mountains can be much more expensive than in your supermarket. If you’re going by car, don’t forget to fill up your tank before you set off. Bring non-perishable items such as pasta, rice, laundry, cleaning products and beverages to maximize your vacation budget.

The information I found on this website has been very helpful. I went on vacation with great peace of mind and without worrying about the budget.
Patricia R Zimmerman